Saying Goodbye

“I always thought of ChildLight as “The Little Engine That Could”. And it did for 25 years. Only a worldwide pandemic could put the brakes on us.”
-Pat Haas

ChildLight Montessori School has permanently closed.

It is hard to acknowledge the end of an era, the close of a season. There is grief and sadness that fills us all, but there can also be peace. ChildLight Montessori School was Pat’s dream come true and the legacy of that dream is not in a stiff and stationary building, but in the hearts and lives of all who were a part of the school over its 25 years, especially the children. The peaceful classroom is moving out to create a more peaceful world. It is their turn now to be the light of peace as they grow and go.

From the teachers:

I will carry the kindness, generosity and love that shines so bright within the ChildLight Community forever in my heart. It has been an honor and a privilege to work and learn alongside beautiful women, children and families. Thank you.

I am so grateful for ChildLight! ChildLight gave my children a community and a love of learning, it allowed me to meet some of my closest friends, and gave me the opportunity to work with some amazing people. I will always cherish my time there.
Thank you all for the outpouring of love and support you showed during this challenging time. It is the perfect example of why ChildLight will forever remain in the hearts of all that were touched by our wonderful school!
With love,

ChildLight has been a second home to first my children as students, and then myself as a teacher. I am so grateful for the five years spent in its warm embrace. I will never forget the children and families that made such a wonderful experience possible. ChildLight will live on in my heart and in the smiles on every child’s face that crossed its threshold. Many thanks to everyone for your outpouring of support!
Sincerely yours,

I would like to express my thanks to all of the ChildLight families, for the past 23 years, who have supported the school and me in so many ways. Whenever I think of ChildLight it will always bring a smile to my face!
Thank you for that!!

I would love to thank everyone who contributed to our campaign to save Childlight. This wonderful small community has truly been amazing.
In 2015 when I walked into Childlight for the first time I fell in love. Not with just the beautiful building, but also the beautiful people I met with that day. Then when I had the privilege of meeting the beautiful families in the school I knew I was in my new and forever home for my teaching career.
As an early educator since 1986. I can honestly say Childlight is a place I wish I had found earlier in my career. It is with a broken heart that I say goodbye to this wonderful school. And to all the families who touched me so much it’s not goodbye it’s see you later! I would love to stay in touch. Thank you for four wonderful years! Love you all!
Love and Peace to all,

My first day at ChildLight was 12 years ago on September 8th. I was a college graduate who had to Google “Montessori” before my interview, because I swore I wasn’t going to be a teacher. Fast forward through getting married, getting my Montessori training and a Master’s in Education, having 3 children and watching 2 of them complete the 3 year cycle at ChildLight – I have literally grown up at ChildLight. ChildLight has meant so much to us all. It is hard to say goodbye, but I know there are wonderful, beautiful dreams ahead.
With deep gratitude,
Rachel (President of Friends of ChildLight)