About Us

Our Mission

The mission of ChildLight Montessori School is to provide a loving, peaceful learning environment for children ages three through six using the philosophy and materials developed by Maria Montessori.


Our School

We take pride that our school...

  • recognizes each child as an individual spirit and works to assist each child in developing self-confidence, independence and a love of learning while experiencing social, academic and physical activities.
  • recognizes that our community includes the families of each student and is dedicated to including parents in the students’ Montessori experience through education and involvement in curriculum activities.
  • is dedicated to functioning as a non-profit facility with efforts made by the school community to raise funds for scholarships, materials and children events.
  • recognizes the importance of an early-childhood curriculum education and provides a Montessori alternative to child of all ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds.
Circle Time

In 2008, we moved to our new home — a “green” building heated and cooled with a geothermal system. Our building allows us to enjoy the warmth and efficiency of a passive solar design. All our hot water is heated with solar panels.

ChildLight’s students learn about taking care of the environment through composting, recycling and maintaining a working garden.

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