Montessori Philosophy


A Day in the Life of a ChildLight Montessori student…

Mom, Dad or sometimes Nana and Grampa bring me to school. My teacher always welcomes us into the classroom with a big smile. I hang up my coat, put my shoes next to my classmates and take my slippers out of my cubbie. We wear slippers at my school. It makes us feel comfortable and helps keep our classroom peaceful. Today I’m staying for lunch so I put my lunchbox with the others. When I’m 5 (in Kindergarten) I get to stay for lunch every day!

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A home. A school.

"I remember setting foot in that Montessori classroom. I sat down on a chair—a very, very small chair—near the door. I had just stepped into someone’s living room. Or was it a science laboratory? Or maybe an office building? I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was different at first, but this was unlike any classroom I had ever seen. It felt different too. Peaceful. Purposeful."

Excerpt from Montessori Madness by Trevor Eissler. Click on the video to the right to learn more.