A Day In the Life of a Montessori Student

Mom, Dad or sometimes Nana and Grampa bring me to school. My teacher always welcomes us into the classroom with a big smile. I hang up my coat, put my shoes next to my classmates and take my slippers out of my cubbie. We wear slippers at my school. It makes us feel comfortable and helps keep our classroom peaceful. Today I’m staying for lunch so I put my lunchbox with the others. When I’m 5 (in Kindergarten) I get to stay for lunch every day!

When all my friends have arrived it’s time for our first circle. My friends and I begin circle by taking turns sharing conversation about our lives. Sometimes we tell our friends funny stories about something that happened at home.

My teachers sometimes show us Montessori works at circle, or a new art project, or tells us about something we are studying….maybe what life is like in Australia, or the favorite foods of Central America, or why the Great Barrier Reef is so important to Earth.

After circle we have work time. I love having lessons with one of my teachers. Sometimes it is just she and I. Other times the lesson includes one or two other friends. I am busy all through our work time. Besides having lessons, I choose works from one of the curriculum areas. Today I worked with materials from the Math, Sensorial and Language areas. And when I was hungry I joined a few friends at the snack table. I serve myself of course. And when I’m done eating I wash my dishes and reset the table for the next person who might want snack.

At our second circle we sing songs, read books, and have “news” time. This month friends are bring in favorite items from nature. I brought in an acorn!

Next we head outside to the playground. We like building fairy houses in the Spring and Fall and build lots of snowmen in the winter. I love playing games with my friends and teachers.

Lunch time. I get to stay in aftercare today. It’s fun…especially the special crafts we do. Mom says she’ll pick me up at 3. I’ll tell her all about my fun day.