Our Teachers


Pat Haas founded ChildLight Montessori School as a nonprofit facility in 1995. For 13 years the school was located in a classroom attached to Pat’s home. In 2008, Pat was able to oversee the construction of ChildLight’s present solar/geothermal building.

Pat served as a Head Teacher of a Primary Class and the school’s  Directress for over 20 years. In 2017 she retired from the classroom and in 2018 she retired from ChildLight completely. She currently serves as a Montessori Consultant for the school and on the ChildLight Board.

Pat received her BA in English from Lafayette College in Easton, PA. After graduation, she was employed at Rodale Press (Prevention Magazine, Organic Gardening). Pat continued her education through graduate courses in New York City and at local colleges here in the Seacoast area. Pat received her Montessori certification in 1990.


Valerie Kolb joined the ChildLight Staff in 1996 as a teacher and French instructor. She serves as Head Teacher in a Primary Classroom and French Program Coordinator. Valerie serves and Head teacher for the Extended Day French and “The World Around Us” curriculums and serves as Lead Teacher for the staff, providing insight and guidance regarding classroom environments and curriculum. In addition, she serves as the school Purchasing Manager. Valerie received her AMS certification through the Northeast Montessori Institute in 2004.


Arleen Howard joined the staff of ChildLight in 1997, serving as an Assistant in a Primary Program and as Science Teacher in the Extended Day program. Arleen has a great love of science. College studies in science at Regis College, work as a Yale University lab technician and experience as a high school science teacher all have advanced her knowledge in the area. She has continued to mentor Monique in this area as she has passed the torch for the science program, but continues to serve as the Head Teacher for Math program and the Co-Head Teacher for the Language program for the Extended Day.

Arleen was first introduced to the Montessori philosophy while working at a New Haven, CT Montessori school where she developed a science program within their curriculum. Arleen has continued her studies through attendance at Montessori Assistant and Advanced Assistant Training programs.


Monique Lavergne-Morgan serves as a Head Teacher in a Primary classroom. She also serves as the Science Head Teacher for the Extended Day program. Monique received her AMS certification through the Northeast Montessori Institute in 2014.

Monique grew up in Boston and graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a BS in Marine Safety and Environmental Protection as well as a Coast Guard Near Coastal Mate’s License. Through work and school she was able to fulfill her dream to visit different parts of the world.


Marcy Sewell-Knight joined the ChildLight staff in 2017 as an Assistant Teacher in a Primary classroom. Marcy will be working with Arleen as the Co-Head Language Teacher for the Extended Day program. Marcy has a BA in English Literature from the University of Southern Maine. She loves reading, and especially loves reading children's books! Marcy completed her Assistant’s Training through the  Northeast Montessori Institute, where she will also be completing her Advanced Assistant’s  Training in the summer


Sandi Valentino joined the ChildLight staff in 2016 as our After Care Teacher. She received an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and has spent 20 plus years creating fun learning environments for young children. Sandi loves music, songs, and story-telling, and shares that joy with the children of ChildLight. Sandi  has continued her studies through receiving her Montessori Assistant Training through Northeast Montessori Institute.


Laura Eves has been part of the ChildLight community since 2008 as a parent of three former ChildLight children. In 2014 she joined the staff as the Assistant to the Administrator. Laura currently serves as the school’s Administrator.

Laura received her BS in Education and Social Policy with a concentration in Psychological Services from Northwestern University. She obtained her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.