Wish List

ChildLight Montessori School is funded by tuition, donations and fund-raising activities. We strive to keep tuition costs low, and your donations help make this possible.

If you wish to contribute tangible goods, please take a look at our wishlist for ideas. Gift cards to local stores such as Hannaford, Target, Staples, etc. are also very helpful. Gifts of this type help us keep our tuition down and allow us to purchase new classroom materials. We thank you in advance for your support in helping us enrich the experience of our students through these wonderful classroom additions!

Our wish list

Cleaning/Building Supplies

Paper towels (any brand but please make sure they are the “select-a-size” kind.*
Toilet paper (any kind is fine)*
Tissues (square boxes are preferred by any kind is fine)*
Trash bags (tall kitchen size)
Sponges (any/all sizes)
Magic eraser sponges
Swiffer dry cloth refills
Swiffer dusters (fits the handle kind)
Swiffer wet jet refills (the liquid)
Swiffer wet jet mopping pads
All-purpose cleaner spray (green works or method brand)
Laundry soap (Tide liquid is preferred by any kind will do)
Glass cleaner (green works is preferred)
Dish soap (green works is preferred)
Dish washer soap (any kind is fine)
Disinfectant wipes (Lysol, clorox or green works)
Soft soap/hand soap (preferable not the anti-bacterial kind. I like the method brand)
Non latex disposable gloves
Dixie paper cups (5 ounce kind)*
Paper plates (6 in size preferred)*
Plastic forks/spoons*
Paper napkins*
Aluminum foil
Ziplock baggies (sandwich size and larger)
Soft scrub cleaner

*Items that need to be checked/restocked monthly.

All the other items are stocked at the beginning of the year and refilled only on an “as needed” basis.


(restock as needed every 3-4 weeks)
Graham crackers
Regular crackers
Sun butter
Bagels/cream cheese
Apple sauce
Blocks of cheese
Popcorn (not microwavable kind)